Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket Review

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Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket is a sustainable and cozy blanket that is designed to provide deep pressure stimulation, which can help reduce anxiety and promote better sleep.

The blanket is made with a breathable woven design that is suitable for any climate and is available in different weights to suit different body types and preferences.

Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket is also machine washable and resistant to fading, making it easy to maintain and keep clean.

The blanket has received positive reviews for its quality, comfort, and effectiveness in promoting relaxation and restful sleep. This is the information I get (from the brand) and then I will talk about my experiences of use below.

Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket unboxing – first impression

When I received the Nuzzie Knit, the first thing I noticed was the unique packaging! It comes in a large cloth bag featuring a fun graphic on the front. The blanket is also significantly larger than any other brands we tested.

The Nuzzie Knit features one of the most unique designs you’ll find. It is a knitted blanket with open weaves that allow air to circulate freely. Also, instead of glass beads, it uses weighted yarn to add weight to the blanket. As a result, the Nuzzie is supposed to trap less heat and be cooler than your typical weighted blanket without any glass beads or filling. Don’t worry. We’ll get more into the temperature rating below!

Since it is a knitted design, the texture of this blanket is quite different from any of the others I tested. It isn’t cool to the touch or silky as you would expect from the bamboo cooling blankets. Instead, it feels more similar to the cotton blankets I tested, except not as smooth.

It is still very comfortable, but if you don’t like the feel of a standard knitted blanket, then you probably won’t love Nuzzie. It is just one of those things you either love or hate.

As far as visual appeal goes, the Nuzzie is by far the most stylish. We use this weighted blanket all of the time because of how good it looks. I love the way it looks draped over our couch and bed. It’s the only weighted blanket I like to leave out when we aren’t using it. Whenever we have guests over, they always compliment the design, and once we tell them it is a weighted blanket, they can’t resist but test it out.

Materials of Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket – texture and Comfort Level

The Nuzzie is very comfortable, but is it the most comfortable weighted blanket you can buy? I would say no. Since Nuzzie is a knitted blanket made of weighted yarn, it isn’t as smooth or cool to the touch as the bamboo blankets I tested. Also, compared to the cotton blankets I tried, it isn’t as warm or cozy.

Short story. The temperature dropped the other night, and I was cold while using this blanket. So I had to find another blanket to layer over it, and I consider myself a hot sleeper. The point is that this blanket is perfect for anyone that sleeps hot. The open design lets air circulate through the holes. On the other hand, if you aren’t a hot sleeper and want something warmer and cozier, the Nuzzie will not be a great choice.

To summarize this section, if you like the feel of knitted blankets and value an open-air design, you will love the Nuzzie Knit. Also, if the style is essential to you and you want a blanket that looks as good as it works, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Temperature rating of Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket

We’ve already talked about the temperature rating in the above sections. So here I’ll just give a quick overview and some comparisons to other weighted blankets I’ve tested.

Nuzzie isn’t advertised as a “cooling weighted blanket” but as breathable with an open weave design. This design claims to be much cooler than a standard weighted blanket that uses your typical filling materials, such as glass beads.

From my testing, the open-air design feels more breathable than most other weighted blankets. Admittedly, the blanket isn’t cool to the touch like some cooling bamboo blankets, but the temperature rating is very similar.

I’ve slept multiple nights with the Nuzzie and Luxome cooling weighted blankets. Nuzzie’s temperature is similar to some of the best cooling weighted blankets I’ve tested, Luxome and Aricove. Nuzzie feels slightly cooler, but not by as much as I expected.

When I was doing my initial research, I thought the Nuzzie Knit would be the coolest because of the open-air design. But instead, there isn’t as drastic of a difference between the Nuzzie and the best cooling options.

Overall I would give the cooling effect 5/5 stars, and it is safe to say this is one of the coolest blankets tested.

How about the weight distribution?

You won’t have to worry about any uneven weight distribution with this blanket. Engineered with weighted yarn and no glass beads ensures the weight is distributed evenly and won’t shift around.

This blanket had one of the best weight distributions that I tested! I would give the weight distribution a 5/5 star rating.

One thing to note is that the blanket can sometimes bunch up a little bit due to the design. You will need to pressure the blanket to flatten it back out if that happens. Unfortunately, when the blanket does this, it doesn’t press against your body, which doesn’t give you all the benefits of using your weighted blanket.

How did it feel sleeping with this blanket?

This blanket is comfortable to sleep with, especially for hot sleepers. It doesn’t get hot when you sleep, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Although with Nuzzie’s open-air design, it isn’t great for super cold nights. I’ve had to add some additional covers on top of it on freezing nights.

If you are always cold, this blanket isn’t going to be a great choice. However, the open-air design primarily benefits hot sleepers, so I recommend choosing a different option unless you love the knitted structure.

Experience of use – Best for

Since Nuzzie’s weighted blanket has such a unique design, it stands out compared to most other brands. The design of this blanket has various benefits, and on top of that, it is visually appealing.

It is the perfect blanket if you are looking for something that will look good in your living room or bedroom. Most of the other weighted blankets we reviewed would easily wrinkle and aren’t as stylish visually. However, from a design standpoint, Nuzzie is probably the nicest looking one I’ve tested.

Another thing we like about this blanket is the super breathable design. It has open airflow and stays cool while sleeping. Unfortunately, it isn’t bamboo, a popular fabric for its cooling effect. Still, the open-knit design that Nuzzie uses in their blankets is very comparable. So I would say Nuzzie’s design is even more efficient in cooling.

You’ll also notice that this is an incredibly high-quality blanket. It is durable, and you can tell it will last a very long time. Also, since it uses weighted yarn, you don’t have to worry about glass beads that can spill over time.

So, who do I think will like this weighted blanket best? I would recommend this blanket for hot sleepers that have a higher budget. The Nuzzie Knit is one of the more expensive options and probably isn’t necessary for everyone. However, if you like the design of this blanket and want to stay cool at night, I think the Nuzzie is a great investment. It will also last a long time, so you won’t have to worry about buying another blanket in the future.

Suppose you don’t love the way a knitted blanket feels or don’t love the design. In that case, there are better and less expensive options that have similar cooling effects, such as Aricove or Luxome. However, if you love the design of the Nuzzie and it is on budget, I would say this is an easy purchase! I love my Nuzzie and use it all the time, and I’m sure if you are similar to me, you will enjoy yours.


  • Cooling effect: 5/5
  • Comfort level: 4/5
  • Feeling of benefits: 5/5
  • Weight distribution: 5/5
  • Weight + size variety: 4/5
  • Color option variety: 4/5

What I didn’t like:

While the Nuzzie is great, it is not perfect and comes with a few potential drawbacks.

The first potential drawback is that the Nuzzie blanket is bigger than the other weighted blankets I tested. It takes up a lot more space and isn’t as easy to store! The knots of the knitted design doesn’t fold up very well, making it relatively large even when folded. It’s bulkier overall than any of the other brands. Nuzzie isn’t the best travel companion either. It would be a challenging blanket to travel with, so if you plan to bring your weighted blanket with you on the go, choose a different option. For travelers, we would recommend a smaller weighted blanket that comes with a nice travel case and is easy to pack up. Aricove and Luxome both have great cases that are perfect for travel.

Another drawback is that the Nuzzie doesn’t come with a cover. Without a cover, washing the weighted blanket is more challenging. On the positive side, Nuzzie can fit in most standard-size washers, and the washing instructions are straightforward. Still, some people prefer a cover that they can simply unzip and throw in the wash.

Last on the list of drawbacks is the price point. Nuzzie is one of the higher-priced weighted blankets. Therefore, it might not be ideal for those just starting with weighted blankets or those on a budget. While Nuzzie is unique in many aspects, there are still other great options that you’ll love at a much lower price point.

What do you think about the Nuzzie Knit Weighted Blanket? Leave a comment or check the latest price.

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