Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket Review

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Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket is a unique and innovative blanket that is designed to provide the benefits of a weighted blanket while keeping the sleeper cool and comfortable.

The blanket is constructed with breathable, moisture-wicking bamboo-derived lyocell fabric that helps prevent heat buildup and promotes airflow. It is perfect for hot sleepers who want the benefits of a weighted blanket without overheating.

The Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket has received positive reviews from various sources for its ultra-soft feel, customization options, and durability. These are the information I get (from the brand) and then I will talk about my experiences of use below.

Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket unboxing – first impression

Luxome’s weighted blanket comes in a nice case; it is one of those cases that you’ll want to keep for travel or storage. The travel case is slightly larger and taller than the case the Aricove comes in. However, it is still very portable and easy to carry.

One unique thing about this cooling blanket is that it comes in many different configurations.

First of all, you choose an integrated cover or a removable cover. The removable cover option is more expensive than the integrated cover, but not too much. You also have the opportunity to choose between single or double-sided fabric. The possibilities are either double-sided lyocell bamboo, one side lyocell bamboo, or one side Minky. None of the other cooling-weighted blankets we tested had this feature, making it unique.

I bought the removable cover option with double-sided lyocell bamboo and Minky fabric. The bamboo side of the cover is silky and cold, while the Minky side is much softer and warmer. I loved the versatility of switching back and forth between the two.

You can tell the overall construction of the blanket is of excellent quality and will last years to come. The removable cover is easy to unzip, throw in the wash, and put back together. Overall the construction and thought that Luxome put into designing this blanket are more impressive than many other brands I’ve tested.

Materials of This Cooling Weighted Blanket – texture and Comfort Level

This weighted blanket is one of my favorites overall in comfort and design. It honestly deserves more than five stars. The lyocell bamboo is cool and comfortable, and on the other side, the Minky fabric is warm and plush.

The reversible feature is excellent for anyone that might get hot while sleeping but still wants to have the option of switching the cover over to something warmer and cozier. With the reversible cover, you get the best of both worlds.

You can also tell that the materials used in this blanket are high quality, and the stitching is put together nicely.

Temperature rating of Luxome Weighted Blanket

Another unique thing about Luxome’s design is that they do not use polyester in their removable cover cooling weighted blankets. Most of the other brands that we tested contain some polyester filling. Many brands use polyester because it is strong, durable, and a low-cost option. However, a few downsides of polyester are that it traps heat and moisture, making it not as breathable as cotton. So instead, Luxome uses breathable cotton, which stays cool and keeps you comfortable.

I also found it interesting that Luxome engineers their weighted blanket to be thinner than other brands. This is because the beads are distributed throughout the blanket to keep the blanket thin, which helps keep you cool. The logic behind keeping it thin is the thinner the blanket is, the less heat it will trap and the cooler it will feel.

So are the claims from Luxome valid? I figured this was easy enough to test, so I compared the Luxome blanket side by side with nine other brands. It turns out that Luxome did have one of the thinnest inner shells. In addition, it was significantly thinner than most brands in the lower price range. Overall, there was a lot of thought put into this blanket’s “cooling” design.

There are a few significant differences to note between the fabric choices. As mentioned before, Luxome offers its cooling blanket in a few different fabric configurations. If you are an especially hot sleeper and want the coldest option, definitely go with lyocell bamboo on both sides.

Having bamboo on both sides of the blanket will keep you the coolest, absorb the most moisture and heat from your body, and circulate it back into the air. Suppose you don’t have any significant problems with overheating while you sleep and want a versatile blanket that can be cool or warm. In that case, the double-sided bamboo and Minky are excellent choices.

How about the weight distribution?

The glass beads that Luxome uses in their weighted blankets are less than 1mm, and they felt pretty much undetectable. It was easier to feel the glass beads in other brands, such as Luna.

Another thing I noticed was that the weight distribution was very even, and there weren’t any pockets that felt like they shifted or moved around. I would give the weight distribution a 5-star rating overall.

Although it was very similar to the weight distribution of Aricove, both blankets had some of the best weight distributions I tested.

How did it feel sleeping with this blanket?

At night I slept under the bamboo side of the blanket and had no issues.

I didn’t wake up hot or sweating and slept the entire night. If you’re a hot sleeper and buy the reversible cover, you’ll want to sleep with the bamboo.

The Minky fabric on the other side can get too hot to sleep with, but it’s great for watching a movie or just lounging around.

Experience of use – Best for

My favorite blanket features are the reversible cover, even weight distribution, cooling effect, variety of options, and price point.

The reversible cover is perfect for anyone who wants the versatility of being able to switch back and forth between cooling and cozy. If you are a hot sleeper and care about having something warm and comfortable to use at times, the Luxome is a clear winner.

Weight distribution is even throughout the blanket, which helps the overall comfort level and ensures you get the intended benefits of using a weighted blanket.

Luxome has a lot of different covers you can select. Many other brands only give you one choice of cover configuration and material.

They also offer many size options to find the perfect fit for your mattress. Unfortunately, a few competing brands, such as Aricove, only provide their weighted blankets in one size.

To summarize, if you are looking for a weighted cooling blanket that is really versatile and well-constructed, you will love the Luxome. This blanket falls in the mid-price range. Even though Luxome is a slightly higher price, it has more options than other brands.


  • Cooling effect: 5/5
  • Comfort level: 5/5
  • Weight distribution: 5/5
  • Weight + size variety: 4/5
  • Color option variety: 4/5

What I didn’t like?

There wasn’t much I didn’t like about Luxome’s weighted blanket.

It is more expensive than some of the other options but still reasonably priced for the quality and features.

Another potential negative is the warranty of the Luxome. Outside of the 30-day return window, Luxome does not offer any warranty. Other brands offer a more generous warranty, including Aricove, which offers one of the best warranties in the industry and a 30-day guarantee.

What do you think about the Luxome Cooling Weighted Blanket? Leave a comment or check the latest price.

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